Wooden Peg Board

The Nina Ottoson smart dog puzzles are multi-functional. They are categorized from Basic to Advanced level stimulating physical, mental, and sensory development.

How to Play:
The product has 9 pegs. Hide treats in the base of each compartment and cover it with pegs. The more compartments that are covered the harder the game will be.

Training with puzzle:
This is a level 1 puzzle ideal for puppies/dogs who are introduced to puzzles and games for the first time. It is an easy to learn activity involving only the basic command of ‘pick’.

Functional Play:
Functional play in puppies/dogs refers to play behaviours that serve a specific purpose or function beyond just entertainment. It often involves actions that facilitate real life activities or behaviours that are essential for their development. This product will facilitate learning of:

  • Problem solving skills.
  • Social play/interaction
  • Feeding

Easy to clean:
To wash smart dog puzzles, simply remove all treats/food and hand wash with multipurpose cleaner or warm soapy water. Rinse, dry and use again.


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