our services & offerings


our services & offerings

icebreaker session

30 minutes, FREE

We get to know you and you get to know us. It’s as simple as that. We will evaluate your and your dog’s training needs, and we can work out a plan of action together.

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initial behavioural consultation

1.5 hours, starting from $200

Getting to know you and your dog on a personal level. We will perform a few tests and initiate exercises to evaluate your dog’s needs and the status quo of your relationship with your dog.

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follow-up training session

1 hour, starting from $95

Ongoing (weekly) training sessions where you will learn to implement personalized training tools and foster behavioural adjustments that will last a lifetime.

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pre-walking assessment

20 mins, starting from $25

We would love to walk your dog on a regular basis but for the safety of your dog, our staff and other dogs/owners in public, we need to make sure that your dog is fit for walking.

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package – 5 fun sessions

5 sessions for $450

Buy 5 1-hours session (pay in full) to receive a discount – book in 5 separate time slots with us. These 5 sessions will create the basis for your future relationship with your dog.

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package – 10 mastery sessions

10 sessions for $850

Buy 10 1-hour sessions (pay in full) to receive a discount – book in 10 separate time slots with us. These 10 sessions will transform you and your dog.

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dog walking by shaz

1 hour, starting from $50

One hour dog walking, basic leash training and corrections with Shaz. You and your dog will notice the difference of Shaz’s magical touch. sdadsasdasdsadssadsdszadsdaszasda

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dog walking

1 hour, starting from $35

One hour dog walking and basic handling with our lovely staff members. All our staff have been trained by Shaz and will bring all their passion on those walks.

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PAWsitive Puppy School


  • Connect with your puppy from the get-go
  • Toilet & crate training
  • Find your pawrent vibe with a positive training approach