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shake & wag

Shake & Wag was created out of the love for dogs. We wanted to make sure that every dog feels happy, content and loved in its environment and by the very people that take care of them. We think that can only be achieved with positive reinforcement! Both owner and dog work together and operate under the same mindset with the owner (or pawrent as we like to call them) being a calm and assertive leader the dog can look up to. Sounds complicated but it is far from that. We aim to enable owners and dogs to have a more meaningful and fulfilling social relationship with each other. Giving the owners tools and confidence to take with them into everyday life.


our journey

Our approach is intuitive, constructive and simple – back to basics. We want all owners to feel empowered to achieve good results after their training sessions. Going home knowing that they can apply everything they have learned. We love having you around, but we don’t want to train you forever

Since each dog has its own personality and character, we ensure that every individual dog is provided with extreme care, caution, love, and respect. We aim to find a special connection with each dog over time by applying sincere dedication and patience.

We operate in the Greater Sydney area 7 days a week – check our services section for further information, pricing, and package deals. We hope you enjoy this community as much as we do!

Personalised Service

Our approach is genuine, honest & straightforward. No hidden costs or unwelcomed surprises. You can count on us!

Locally Sourced Products

We support local businesses and recommend products that are locally sources and produced. Shop local!

Positive Behaviour Training

We encourage and foster positive behaviour changes for your dog and yourself. We support you all the way!


Professional Dog Lovers

Enabling owners and dogs to have a more meaningful and fulfilling social relationship with each other using positive reinforcement training methods. Giving the owners tools and confidence to take with them into everyday life.


Lead Dog Trainer & Founder

Shehzad is the founder and owner of Shake & Wag who has dedicated his life full time and without any limitations to his dream to provide care and training to as many dogs as possible. As the lead dog trainer, he provides guidance and training to dogs and their owners as well as to new trainers & dog walkers that join Shake & Wag. Shehzad spent many years working in the hotel and hospitality industry so customer service and lending a helping hand comes very natural to him. In his free time, he loves a good weight training workout and reading criminal thrillers. With dogs being the direct descendants of wolves, he finds both species fascinating and spends time studying their behaviour and needs.


Business Admin & Social Media Coordinator

Svenja has been with Shake & Wag from the very start – she creates online magic and organises everything that goes on behind the scenes. She is an organizational wizard and has a keen eye for detail and supports us with structure and guidance on many aspects of our operations. Svenja worked as an executive admin and in hospitality management for 20+ years. When she is not typing away on her laptop, you will find her striking a yoga pose, hiking in the Australian bushland or at Taronga Zoo where she works as a volunteer.


for the love of dogs

Give your heart to dogs, they will never break it.

Shehzad Athar