Wobble Bowl

The Nina Ottoson smart dog puzzles are multi-functional. They are categorized from Basic to Advanced level stimulating physical, mental, and sensory development.

How to Play:
Remove the stopper from the top of lid and put treats in the wobble bowl. Close the lid properly with stopper. Initially shake bowl so treats will disperse, and it will be easy for the dog to release the treats. Place it on a hard surface/floor and show your dog how to wobble it back & forth with paws/ nose until food falls out of the bowl. The transparent bowl motivates the dog to work hard to get the treats.

Training with Puzzle:
The Wobble Bowl is a level 1 puzzle that turns meals in to an interactive game. This engages your dog and decreases likelihood of it developing destructive behaviours. It facilitates learning of basic commands such as “wobble”.

Functional learning:
Functional play in puppies/dogs refers to play behaviours that serve a specific purpose or function beyond just entertainment. It often involves actions that facilitate real life activities or behaviours that are essential for their development. This product will facilitate learning of:

  • Slow feeding
  • Paw eye coordination

Easy to clean:
To wash smart dog puzzles, simply remove all treats/food and hand wash with multi-purpose cleaner or warm soapy water. Rinse, dry and use again.


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