Lavender Oil

Your multipurpose aromatherapy first aid kit for your fur baby – 100% pure Lavender oil.

Lavender has been used and appreciated for centuries for its distinctive aroma and this powerhouse essential oil comes with an endless list of benefits and uses for dogs:

  • Diffuse for a calming effect especially at bedtime.
  • Apply topically to support skin (10 drops of essential oil to ½ oz of carrier oil such as almond oil).
  • Let your dog sniff the oil directly from the bottle in case of acute stress.
  • Use it as a natural bug repellent to keep flees, ticks and mosquitoes at bay.
  • Make a spray mist with distilled water.
  • Apply to collar or bed for increased effectiveness.
  • Use a car diffuser to combat motion sickness.

Being one of the gentlest pet-safe essential oils, this oil might become your new best friend – for you and your dog!

*Do not use undiluted on your dog or let your dog ingest the oil*


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