Hide N Slide (Wooden Composite)

The Nina Ottoson smart dog puzzles are multifunctional. They are categorized from Basic to Advanced level stimulating physical, mental, and sensory development.

How to Play:
The product has 7 compartments for Hide & slide. Place treats in cylindrical blocks and compartments in the base. Rotate flippers to cover/hide treats. Place the puzzle on the floor or hard surface so it will be easy for dog to rotate flippers and slide blocks. Initially teach your dog with the help of prompts they are super smart and can learn easily by observing.

Training with puzzle:
The Nina Ottoson Hide & slide is level 2 puzzle for dogs. These are fun brain games engages your dog and trained them for functional play with the toys. They train dogs on double command following e.g. push and slide enhancing working memory.

Functional Learning:
Functional play in puppies/dogs refers to play behaviours that serve a specific purpose or function beyond just entertainment. It often involves actions that facilitate real life activities or behaviours that are essential for their development. This product will facilitate learning of:

  • Paw/eye coordination
  • Slow feeding
  • Help control destructive behaviour (chewing and digging)

Easy to clean:
To wash smart dog puzzles, simply remove all treats/food and hand wash with multipurpose cleaner or warm soapy water. Rinse, dry and use again.


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