Dog Casino

The Nina Ottoson smart dog puzzles are multifunctional. They are categorized from Basic to Advanced level stimulating physical, mental, and sensory development.

How to Play:
This product Casino High has five treat trays at the bottom, which can be slid out to filled treats. There are six bones at the top of the puzzle which need to be twisted to access the treats. Teach your dog to swivel and unlock the bones and use paws to open the trays. this toy is great for physical and mental stimulation.

Training with Puzzle:
The Nina Ottoson Casino High is a level 3 puzzle with multiple stages to retrieve treats. It works on commands “slide/pull” and “rotate”. It is an advanced level puzzle that requires sequence and multiple steps to get the treats.

Functional Play:
Functional play in puppies/dogs refers to play behaviours that serve a specific purpose or function beyond just entertainment. It often involves actions that facilitate real life activities or behaviours that are essential for their development. This product will facilitate learning of:

  • Paw/ eye coordination
  • Sequential learning
  • Working memory
  • Cognitive mapping
  • Slow Feeding
  • Waiting

Easy to clean:
To wash smart dog puzzles, simply remove all treats/food and hand wash with multipurpose cleaner or warm soapy water. Rinse, dry and use again.


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