Smarty Paws Sunflower

Zippy Paws feeders are high quality feeding puzzles that stimulate physical, mental and sensory development of dogs. With its multifunctionality it makes mealtime a fun learning experience for dogs.

How to play:
This product Smarty Paws Sunflower feeder is a 3-tiered puzzle game having two food compartments. It is designed with rotating flower petals on each level. The feeder is multilayered and keeps your dog engaged to find treats. It is excellent for dogs prone to inhaling food and feeding issues and helps to slow feed dogs.

Training with Puzzle:
Smarty Paws Sunflower is ideal for all ages. It teaches dogs functional play in a more structured way and train them for command such as “spin”.

Functional Learning:
Functional play in puppies/dogs refers to play behaviours that serve a specific purpose or function beyond just entertainment. It often involves actions that facilitate real life activities or behaviours that are essential for their development. This product will facilitate in learning of:

  • Slow feeding
  • Problem solving
  • Working memory
  • Compliance
  • Paw/eye Coordination
  • Mouth/eye Coordination

Easy to clean:
To wash smart dog puzzles, simply remove all treats/food and hand wash with multipurpose cleaner or warm soapy water. Rinse, dry and use again.


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